100% of Proceeds go to the Project

Hummingbirds is unique in that 100% of the proceeds support its current project.

An article titled, “In Search of the Red Cross’ $500 Million in Haiti Relief,” by Laura Sullivan states how millions of people donated to support the efforts of the Red Cross to rebuild Haiti after a 7.0 magnitude earthquake in January of 2010.  After 5 years, the money raised never reached the people in need. Haiti did not see any changes to their communities, there were no new roads, school or homes.

Where did the money go?

The article states:

“First the Red Cross took a customary administrative cut, then the charities that received the money took their own fees. And then, according to the Red Cross’ records, the charity took out an additional amount to pay for what it calls the “program costs incurred in managing” these third-party projects.”

Overall, only 1 penny of every dollar was actually spent in Haiti for the Haitian people.

Hummingbirds decided to take action by teaming up with Aid Still Required to provide ecologically responsible latrines for 350 school children, many girls that had to use a pit in the ground with no privacy for a latrine. They continued their work with Aid Still Required by raising $21,700 to relocate over 200 children to a new community center, providing new supplies, teacher’s salaries, and a healthy Saturday meal.

What Hummingbirds is doing in Haiti is what Haiti needs. Every dollar and every penny of the donation goes to the cause. 100% of the proceeds went to the these important projects.