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  • Our Mission
As women we struggle to fit it all in. Like hummingbirds, women are able to fly in several directions at the same time. Often, our desires to give back or bond with our sisters fall behind the needs of our families and careers.

The Hummingbirds Foundation is a giving circle which combines sisterhood, adventure, experiencing local culture, and good citizenship, all while having a rocking good time! Hummingbirds’ Charms are formed in cities around the country. Members, or Hummingbirds, are encouraged to personally give, have fun while fundraising within their Charm all while bringing attention to our current project. Each Hummingbird Project cycle begins with naming a cause that offers the most needed support to women and children. The Hummingbirds Foundation partners with established and well trusted community based organizations to ensure safety and effectiveness. We leave our tracks by benefiting a community and seeing a project from inception to completion. We aspire to take on tangible needs that might otherwise go unnoticed or unfulfilled. Once our goal is met, Hummingbirds take flight and deliver the Nest Egg we’ve worked collectively to build. Our Flight will allow us to see our efforts in motion as well as affording us the opportunity to connect with the people who are benefiting from our shared contribution. Our goal is to make a human connection with women and children in need so that they know there are people who believe in them and acknowledge the dignity of their humanity.

How we Make it Happen...

Personal Funds

Hummingbirds give personally to each project they choose to be a part of.  Through personal giving, one grows.

Creative Events

Being a Hummingbird is fun!  Bringing people together in the name of good is what we do. Each Hummingbird is given a Go and Get Fundraising Guide which maps out how to turn a party into a philanthropic event.

Auction Items

Hummingbirds use their relationships to solicit items and experiences for private auction.


We are deeply grateful to our sustaining members who give monthly donations that enable us to widen our reach. The Hummingbirds Foundation is also nourished by one time donations from our website, in kind donations, and the generosity of friends and family of our Hummingbird Charms.

100% guarantee

100% of donor money funds projects



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